Detroit River fishing Report 11-1-12

With all the action going on in Lake Erie , we figured that we would go check out the lower Detroit River. We started out just after 7am. Pulling in to our first spot we saw our buddy land a decent walleye. We made quite a few passes there. Only to see them catch two more. After that a lot of boats moved in ( kind of weird for December first) ,It completley died after that. I ended up losing two fish and landing a carp. After talking with a few guys and getting the “you should of been here yesterday” spiel, we decided to make a few moves. Never ended up even marking any fish in those spots. We ended the day back in front of Humbug Marina ( where we started). Making a few more drifts ended up producing one chunky walleye. I will try to get out for more fall jigging on the Detroit River but Lake Erie is HOT right now ! So it may be tough.


I am a fishing nut. I am a U.s. Coastguard licensed captain that has been roaming the Great Lakes since 1980. Walleye is my main quarry but I also chase perch, salmon,steelhead,bass and anything else that will bite. Jigging the Detroit River for walleye in the spring and trolling for Lake Erie walleye are my favorite.

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