Detroit River Walleye Charters

Detroit River Walleye Charters – April through May 14th

The 2018 Detroit River Walleye Charters  will be INCREDIBLE this season !!  The 2014 and 2015 year classes of walleye were HUGE  !  This will put the number of 15 to 19 inch walleye at the best it has ever been.  The Hot time of year for catching tons of these tasty fish is going to be Late April into the first two weeks of May.  I feel like the numbers of big fish being down some will slow the very early season bite. As a result,  by the time it warms up  these two year classes of fish will be everywhere in HUGE NUMBERS ! 2018 Detroit River Charters will be VERY successful ! Article on Walleye Population

Introduction to Detroit River Walleye Charters

As soon as the ice flows stop coming down the Detroit River,the fish start to bite and we start our Detroit River walleye charters. It usually starts off slower with bigger fish biting. This transforms into more action with typically smaller fish as the season goes on. The second and third week of April are the best weeks and fill up fast.  Early May Detroit River Charters are more likely to see 50 fish days. During these later trips we usually catch many different species ( smallmouth, white bass, walleye) . As a result this is a GREAT time to fish !! Warm weather and lots of action is a prime time to take kids and adults out.

What we use on our Detroit River Charters

We will sometimes use live minnows on our jigs really early in the season, but this is mostly a plastics fishery.  Wyandotte Worms,  Finesse Minnows,  Gulp , and other assorted plastics most likely will be dressing our jigs ( Detroit River walleye love plastics).   Fenwick jigging rods will be on board for  use during your Detroit River charter.

We supply  jigging rods, all of the jigs , stinger hooks, and baits that you will need for your trip. Therefore all you need to bring is a fishing license, lunch , and warm clothes.

Most important – Teaching you how to jig up Detroit River Walleye

I will teach you what you need to do to consistantly catch walleye on this world class fishery. While having the boat in control is also important. My charters are set up to teach you how to feel bottom correctly. The correct technique is very important to being successful on this river system. I have taught many anglers ( both young and old) how to jig up many Detroit River Walleye ! Everyone on board needs to be catching fish to have a banner day. Because of this we may spend a little more time talking and instructing especially if someone is struggling.

Justus caught a nice Detroit River walleye

Kids love fishing the Detroit River!

nice detroit river walleye

Nice Detroit River walleye caught jigging in Wyandotte

detroit river walleyes

Trenton Channel Walleyes